Friday, October 29, 2010

Under Western Skies

I was very disappointed not to be able to attend Under Western Skies, the super-conference hosted by the inestimable Rob Boschman this month at Mt. Royal University in Calgary. It's SO not like being there, certainly, but here's a gathering of links to assorted notes online about how people experienced the conference:
  • Holly Friesen's short note about her paintings exhibited there (with images!)
  • Rachel Ott, on the "hot and not" of UWS
  • Rachel Ott, on Andrew Nikiforuk's keynote address, "Canada Over a Barrel"
  • Frances Widdowson's summary of her own paper (plus link to the full text), "'Indigenous Ways of Knowing' and the Environment: Does Epistemological Relativism Contribute to the Protection of Western Lands?"
  • Catherine Szabo's brief news article in The Reflector
Anyone got another link out there?

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